WINMAR® is dedicated to the safety of our employees and our customers. We have put systems in place that involve the joint co-operation of all stakeholders. We follow the CDC and Health Canada guidelines and follow provincial workplace safety board recommendations.

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Trauma Scene / Biohazard

Biohazard Services / Trauma Cleaning

Our qualified crews work quickly and efficiently to return the property to its original condition. We offer a range of biohazard and cleaning solutions and work hard to honour our promise that we’re “Coming Through for You”. At WINMAR® we are experienced in trauma and accident scene cleanup and all types of accident scenes. We work with police, agencies, and the public to quickly return the property to pre-trauma condition. WINMAR® is experienced in successfully removing heavy odours from structures and personal belongings. Our qualified technicians execute processes for investigating and resolving indoor air quality concerns and environmental biohazards to ensure the problem is remedied promptly.

Unattended death scenes are the most challenging and traumatizing of all biohazard scenes. WINMAR® is specialized in unattended death scene cleanup and can properly handle the biohazard and odour removal. Our objective is an immediate response with long-term quality results. Homicide and suicide scenes are traumatic and require discretion and thorough cleaning to ensure return to original condition. Proper detection, cleanup, removal, and authorized disposal of contaminated biohazard materials is critical to help prevent serious health risks.

We are dedicated to employee and public safety and follow the CDC and Health Canada Guidelines and standards of cleaning practices, procedures, and use of approved cleaning products to combat Infectious Disease. WINMAR®’s certified, professional Restoration Technicians are trained to discretely and safely remove and dispose of all waste and biohazard materials in accordance with Provincial and Federal guidelines. We can return your family member to a safe and comfortable home.

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This WINMAR® franchise is independently owned and operated. WINMAR® is a registered trademark owned by WINMAR® (Canada) International, Ltd. and is used under license.