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Happy Earth Day!

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At WINMAR we focus on sustainable practices year round with our ESPORTA wash system, ULTRASONIC cleaning system, ODELL electronic cleaning system and other specialized equipment. These state of the art tools keep content out of landfills.

Restore vs Replace!

Water Damage CAN’T Wait!

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A toilet overflowed or the fridge water line leaked and your floor is covered with water. Although these situations may not seem like a big deal, there are two main reasons why they are. Action needs to be taken immediately.

1.) Water damage is progressive- This means that once moisture has made contact with the surfaces, materials, and belongings in your home, it will continue to cause damage until it has been removed and dried out entirely. Even just waiting a few hours for the water removal and drying process could mean a significant and costly amount of damage could be done to your home.
2.) Mold- If the water damage restoration process is put off and standing water sits, mold can start to grow. This is not only harmful to your health and safety, but it could cause additional damage to your property.

If you have experienced water damaged to your property, contact your water restoration specialists today!

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