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How HEPA Air Scrubbers Combat Wildfire Smoke Odour


In the aftermath of a wildfire, the challenges don’t end with the extinguished flames. The lingering smoke odor can permeate homes and workplaces, reminding us of the disaster while posing potential health risks due to fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). But fear not, there’s a solution: HEPA air scrubbers. In this guide, we want to share the potency of HEPA air scrubbers in addressing post-wildfire smoke odour. Our expertise at WINMAR, a restoration leader, will help you understand how we provide access to these air scrubbers and guide you through practical steps for their effective use in your residential spaces.

Understanding HEPA Air Scrubbers

At WINMAR, we know the significance of HEPA air scrubbers in enhancing indoor air quality. These devices are equipped with HEPA filters that can capture particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. This remarkable capability makes them adept at trapping the fine particles and VOCs that characterize wildfire smoke. The multi-stage filtration process includes pre-filters that capture larger particles, HEPA filters that trap the smoke odour-causing minute particles, and activated carbon filters that neutralize odorous compounds.

Our Restoration Expertise at WINMAR

When it comes to post-disaster restoration, WINMAR stands as your trusted partner. We are proficient in dealing with the aftermath of wildfires and other disasters. One of the standout features of our service is providing you access to essential equipment, including HEPA air scrubbers, through our rental services.

  1. Enlisting WINMAR’s Expertise: Let’s begin by connecting with us at WINMAR, your restoration authority. Rely on our strong reputation, backed by recommendations, reviews, and our proven track record in the industry. You can find us in local directories, online platforms, and through referrals, establishing our credibility in your region.
  2. Engaging with WINMAR: Reach out to WINMAR and inquire about our HEPA air scrubber rental services. Seek details about equipment availability, rental costs, and any terms that apply.
  3. Reservation with WINMAR: After gathering the necessary information, take the next step and reserve the HEPA air scrubber that suits your needs. Our range of models and sizes ensures you can choose the one best suited for the space you intend to treat.
  4. Receiving the Equipment: Choose the convenience that suits you best – either collect the equipment from WINMAR’s premises or opt for hassle-free delivery to your location, in line with our policies and your preferences.

For more insights into how smoke damage can impact your living space after wildfires, explore The Invisible Threat: Combating Smoke Damage & Cleaning After Wildfires. Furthermore, our comprehensive fire damage restoration services are detailed at Winmar Fire Damage Restoration Services.

Strategic Setup in Residential Spaces

Now that you’ve secured a HEPA air scrubber from WINMAR, it’s important to set it up strategically within your residential space to effectively address smoke odour. Follow these guidelines for optimal results:

1. Choosing the Right Spot:
Select a central location within the affected area to facilitate optimal air circulation. Placing the air scrubber near entrances or common areas can expedite the process of odor removal.

2. Securing the Area:
If feasible, consider sealing off the treatment area to prevent outdoor air from infiltrating. This will allow the air scrubber to exclusively target indoor air, enhancing its efficiency. Seal any gaps, close windows, and use plastic sheeting or tape as needed to create an effective barrier.

3. Ensuring Adequate Airflow:
Ensure that there’s sufficient airflow around the air scrubber. Avoid placing it in confined spaces, as this can hinder smooth air circulation and impede the even distribution of purified air throughout the room.

4. Filter Replacement:
Remember that both HEPA and activated carbon filters have a limited lifespan. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter replacement intervals to maintain the air scrubber’s efficiency and ensure optimal performance.

5. Continuous Operation:
To effectively combat smoke odor, it’s advisable to keep the air scrubber running continuously. This approach is particularly effective because smoke particles have a tendency to settle on surfaces. Continuous operation ensures the gradual removal of these particles from the air, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

6. Monitoring Progress:
Regularly monitor the progress of the odour removal process by observing changes in air quality. Over time, you should notice a significant reduction in smoke odor. Patience is key, as the time required for complete odour removal can vary based on factors such as the intensity of the odour and the dimensions of the space being treated.

Understanding the Difference: HEPA Air Scrubbers vs. Standard Home Air Filters

As you delve deeper, it’s important to distinguish between HEPA air scrubbers and standard home air filters. While both play a role in improving air quality, they operate differently and yield distinct results.

HEPA Air Scrubbers:
Our HEPA air scrubbers are specially designed devices for robust air purification. They come equipped with HEPA filters that can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, boasting an impressive efficiency of 99.97%. The multi-stage filtration process, often featuring pre-filters and activated carbon filters, equips them to capture particles, neutralize odours, and tackle volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In the context of post-wildfire smoke odour, their ability to remove the finest smoke particles and counteract odorous compounds makes them highly effective.

Standard Home Air Filters:
Standard home air filters, commonly found in HVAC systems and air purifiers, primarily target larger particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. However, their efficiency diminishes when it comes to ultra-fine particles and odors. With lower efficiency ratings, these filters lack the capability to effectively neutralize VOCs and smoke odours.

Enhancing Home Furnaces: Adding HEPA and Activated Carbon Filters

Consider an upgrade to your home furnace filtration system by incorporating HEPA and activated carbon filters. This step ensures consistent and comprehensive smoke odor removal, leading to fresher indoor air quality.

1. HEPA Filters:
Incorporating HEPA filters into your home furnace can significantly enhance its ability to capture even the tiniest smoke particles. However, keep in mind that retrofitting HEPA filters might necessitate professional installation and potential modifications due to the increased airflow resistance associated with these filters.

2. Activated Carbon Filters:
Activated carbon filters excel at neutralizing odours, including those originating from smoke. These filters contain a layer of activated carbon that effectively adsorbs and traps odorous compounds, resulting in a consistently fresh indoor environment.

Considerations for Adding Filters:

  • Compatibility: Before making changes, ensure that your furnace can accommodate HEPA or activated carbon filters. Some furnaces are designed to work with specific filter sizes and types.
  • Airflow Impact: It’s important to understand that installing filters with higher filtration capabilities can impact the airflow of your furnace system. Seeking the advice of an HVAC professional is crucial to ensure that your system can handle the increased resistance without compromising its functionality.
  • Professional Installation: To reap the benefits of enhanced filtration, it’s recommended to have these filters professionally installed. Proper installation ensures that the filters are effective and integrated seamlessly into your furnace system.


Addressing post-wildfire smoke odour is a challenge, but with the guidance of WINMAR and the effectiveness of HEPA air scrubbers, you have a powerful solution at your disposal. Our restoration expertise ensures that accessing these devices is both convenient and efficient. By strategically setting up the air scrubber and adhering to usage guidelines, you’ll not only enhance indoor air quality but also eliminate persistent smoke odor, ultimately restoring comfort and normalcy to your living space after a wildfire. For further insights into the impact of smoke damage and our fire-related restoration services, we invite you to explore The Invisible Threat and Winmar Fire Damage Restoration Services. At WINMAR, we’re committed to helping you breathe easier and live better.