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April Showers Bring…..What, More Showers!?

Boy oh Boy is it ever wet in our typically “sunny Okanagan”. I think the weatherman did not get the memo that April showers are supposed to bring may FLOWERS not more SHOWERS!

Current weather patterns have created a buzz in the town regarding Overland Water Protection Policies for Homeowners. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered.

Overland Water Protection is a new coverage offered by select insurance providers. The coverage is designed to protect against damage caused when groundwater enters a dwelling through the foundation, basement floors or walls and/or sewer line. It covers damage caused by freshwater flood such as the overflow of a river, lake or other bodies of water. Also covered is the sudden accumulation of water due to heavy rainfall, spring runoff or natural overflow of a dam, dike or levee.

First signs of flooding call WINMAR 24/7 250-862-3500

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