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Building Resilience Into Our Community

As we head into a heat wave under the smokey sky’s still reeling from the impact of our flood season, there is no denying we can feel the impact of climate change in our community.  It affects almost every aspect of our lives from agriculture and property to health and daily activities.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the tally for catastrophic insurable losses in the property and casualty insurance sector from January to May 2018 exceeded $800 million. It is new statistics such as these that remind us we need to stay informed and build resilience to these imminent changes. By understanding and preparing for climate impacts we can reduce the risk.

Stay informed, knowledge is power. Ensure you are properly covered. Understanding your homeowner policy and addressing any questions you may have with your insurance provider prior to a loss.  Integrate new seasonal practices into your routine to protect your property.  Build more resilient homes in our community. These are a few of the steps we can take to prevent costly damage to our properties while together we work towards building a resilient community.

For further information on 20 best practices for mitigating damage caused by flooding in new residential communities visit; https://canada.constructconnect.com/dcn/news/infrastructure/2018/07/quick-uptake-communities-flood-mitigation-report