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COVID 19 General Announcement

Dear valued clients,

We know that lately you have received many announcements from various companies outlining their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our desire is not to add to the noise in this time however we do feel it is important to communicate a few important points relevant to your experience and trust moving forward with Winmar Kelowna.

First and foremost we have fully trained and available staff ready to respond and assist all clients when the need arises. We are focused on the ongoing safety and wellbeing of all clients, insurance partners, staff and their families. To this extent, we have implemented our pandemic management plan taken from recommendations by the Center for Disease Control as well as Work Safe BC’s Infectious Disease Exposure Plan.

Important to note is that we have a plan being implemented based on our current understanding of the above references. This is being monitored and reviewed daily and as the situation evolves so will our plan. The plan involves many internal layers addressing hygiene, cleaning, limited social interactions, ensuring adequate inventory, working from home, customer interactions, and vendor interactions.

Practically, some aspects of this plan may impact how you interact in day to day business with Winmar Kelowna. We wanted to identify these to you ahead of time so that if you do experience these changes they are as expected as can be and assist you in accommodating your workflow accordingly.
First, this involves determining any increased risk on each job site. For those where increased risk is identified, it will trigger additional steps to determine the work procedures required to adequately protect from and control the risk.

Second, the additional steps in determining risk, appropriate work procedures, communicating additional information to invested parties, requesting and waiting for authorization and then undertaking additional required work procedures can be expected to affect timelines. This is important to communicate with each of you so that you understand how changes from typical timeframes may occur.

Third, we have asked that site meetings be limited to only those deemed necessary and in turn, these are moved to teleconference, email or similar means of communication.
As this pandemic continues to unfold we understand that these times can be difficult. We also appreciate your understanding and additional patience as we all work through this unprecedented new place we find ourselves collectively.

Per: Stewart Walker, PM Manager, Partner