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Extreme Weather Conditions in the Okanagan

Okanagan is experiencing extreme temperatures– ensure your household plumbing is not in danger of freezing!

When water freezes and the pipes burst, the flooding that results will not only require a professional clean up, but if the flooding goes undetected and untreated for any length of time, you could end up with a huge mold problem on your hands, not to mention the extensive water bill you’ll be receiving. Avoid severe water damage by taking these steps to minimize your risk:
1. Insulate exposed pipes to keep them from freezing in the winter. Hardware stores sell foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves that fit right over the pipes.
2. Other high-risk pipes to insulate are pipes in your crawl space, garage and attic.
3. Leave the heat on in your home or recreation property, set to a temperature no lower than 15° celsius.
4. Ensure all windows are properly sealed to keep the cold out.
5. Examine your sump pump and check that it is in good condition and clear of debris.
6. Leave closets, cupboard doors and bedroom doors open while you’re away, to allow warm air to circulate more freely.
7. Have your heating system inspected by professionals annually to ensure it’s in good working condition and not at risk of failing while you’re away.
8. If you’re gone longer than a weekend, ask a friend or neighbour to check on your house periodically. That way, if your pipes do burst, the damage will be far less than if the flooding was to continue until you returned home.